Undergraduate Assignment Breakdown

Graduate Assignment Breakdown

Major Dated Assignments Schedule

Readings for each week are due for undergraduate students on Mondays, and for graduate students on Wednesdays. See our course policies for more information about our reading and participation expectations. In addition to rolling assignments such as the Pet Book Reports, here are the essential assignment due dates:

  • Friday, September 16: Pet Book Report #1 due (required for all students)
  • Wednesday, September 21-Wednesday, October 12: BPL Book Sleuthing Unit 1 (sign up for small group session)
  • Monday, September 17-Wednesday, November 2: BPL Book Sleuthing Unit 2 (signup for small group session)
  • Friday, October 21: “Image” Pet Book Report due (required for all students)
  • Monday, November 2-Wednesday, November 30: BPL Book Sleuthing Unit 3 (signup for small group session)
  • Monday, November 21: (Undergrad only) Outline and first paragraph of final projects due for workshop
  • TBD: Final Projects Due